Ecstasy Entwined

Ecstasy Entwined is not like any other novel I have read. Elena is a strong character overshadowed by her own self-doubt. Gregory is a hugely dynamic character, struggling with his own inner demons and darkness. The two characters together create an explosive pair, brave and charming, witty, and dangerous. The story is built quite beautifully, with one scene skillfully leading to the next with no disparity between them. The scenes are beyond scorching hot and they simply don’t stop. The story itself is left in such a manner that it could easily be expanded or spun into a series. All in all, this is a very well written novel that will enchant adult readers everywhere.

Elena Niles is a girl with the body of an angel and the voice of a devil. She is a siren who can, quite literally, kill with her voice. Gregory Lathrop is a vampire who is trying to do the right thing, by establishing a call-in support line for supernatural beings as well as normal human beings to help them through the difficulties of life. What Gregory doesn’t anticipate is that he will fall for the enchanting voice on the other end of his line. After enlisting the aid of a close friend, Gregory tracks Elena down, and two worlds converge on a collision course of epic proportions. Can Gregory survive the beautiful siren’s kiss? Can Elena help Gregory to overcome his own darkness so they may be together? Read on to discover their story.

Book Blurb for Ecstasy Entwined

A siren whose voice can kill and a vampire who strips her fears along with her clothes. Over the phone or with sex toys, this vampire hopes to deliver some fangtastic orgasms.

Elena is lonely, until she meets Gregory. The hot, mysterious vampire shatters the barriers she’s erected around her heart. She sheds her inhibitions, reveling in her sexual surrender. But a true relationship is out of the equation since her voice might kill him.

Gregory has never allowed his lust and need for blood to mingle. The mind-blowing sex with Elena not only strains his control, but also brings out a hidden dark streak. Does he dare hope she can assuage the dangerous need she’s ignited in him? (Book Length: Novella)

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00