Dumah's Demons

AngelFire Chronicles, #1.5

Having read both books 1 and 2 of the Angelfire series by author Ami Blackwelder, I knew Dumah’s Demons would be a perfect complement to the series. I was not disappointed in the least. This novella tells the story of Dumah, Kian’s troubled sister, and why she feels as she does toward Ali and Daemon. I found it to be as engaging as its sister books, although it is quite a bit darker overall. I do feel that this story is just perfect right where it is, although it can stand on its own merits. I loved this novella, and both new and existing fans of this series will adore it as well.

Dumah and Kian have never had an easy life. Orphaned after their parents died in an accident, they have learned to rely on each other, and on themselves to survive. Yet living on the streets of Manhattan is not easy. And after a particularly violent night that separated Kian and Dumah, Dumah knows that nothing will ever be the same again. As she is trying to find a place to hide, to recover, she notices that she is being watched. The stranger approaches, and announces that he can help her, heal her, and that he knows who, and what, she is. Deciding to trust him, she asks his name. Daemon. Daemon leads her to an underground “lair”, where she will be safe, and tells her of how she came to be. He also tells her what happened to Kian. Dumah is intrigued, and also highly furious. How dare Kian abandon her? And what about this Ali girl? Why is Daemon so interested in her? Dumah is determined to get to the truth. Can she trust Daemon? Will she ever reconcile with Kian? Or will she succeed in her plan to kill Ali, and thereby destroy any hope of ever reconciling with her brother?

Book Blurb for Dumah's Demons

An accompaniment to She Speaks to Angels, An Angel Thriller.

After Dumah and her brother Kian leave the orphanage, they find themselves on the streets of NY. Follow Dumah and find out why she and Kian split off in different directions as we trace her steps into the underworld.

Follow her journey in the books She Speaks to Angels, Falling Angels, and Angel Codes

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00