Doll House

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Doll House

Doll House #1

Cassie, Ethan, Lacey and Aisha are all close friends. On an outing for a school project, feelings are hurt, and Aisha, who is dating Ethan, runs off. She is declared missing the next day. Ethan, of course, is the prime suspect, and before long, the entire town has declared Aisha dead. But Ethan, Cassie, and Lacey know that is not the case. The three of them set off on their own search into the woods where she disappeared. Things they never begin to anticipate will occur. They will embark on a mind altering (no drugs) trip that is designed to completely break a person. When a single soul comes forward as an ally, will Cassie and the rest have the presence of mind to escape? They will find themselves locked in The Dollhouse, with no possible way of escape. Will they ever find Aisha alive? Will they ever escape from the Dollhouse with their sanity intact? Read on to find out.

Dollhouse is an incredible story, unlike anything I have ever read before. It moves very fast, and the characters and their interactions flow seamlessly together, creating a terrifying scene one will be unable to look away from. This is a great novel for anyone who is searching for something out of the ordinary, unique, and vastly interesting. I honestly had a difficult time putting it down.

Book Blurb for Doll House

For fifteen year old Cassie Claiborne, there's only one good thing about moving from steamy Miami to the wild inland forests of Australia--the even wilder Ethan McAllister. But Ethan already has a girlfriend--Aisha Damaj--the girl with a hundred different moods a minute.

When Aisha goes missing on a hiking trip in the local mountains--presumed dead--the whole town points a finger at Ethan. Cassie defends Ethan fiercely. She's just about the only friend he has left.

Is Cassie letting her feelings for Ethan cloud her judgment? Or does something dark lurk out there in the forests?

There's only one way to find out--go back to the forests.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00