Diamond Heiress

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Diamond Heiress

Please allow me to say this is a rare gem of a book (no pun intended). As a student and lover of the gemstone world, the title of this book alone caught my attention. The premise is what kept me hooked and drew me in. Author Ruth Roberts did a masterful job of creating the world of this novel, making all of the characters and the environments they were in remarkably lifelike. I did notice that the conflict aspect was there, but was overshadowed in many places by other aspects of the story that were not always as important as the conflict. With that said, this is a perfect novel for anyone seeking a sizzling page turner to curl up with on the beach, or in front of a fire.

Nicholas Trenton thought he was a shoe-in for the position of CEO at Santorini Jewels. He was hand groomed by the master himself, Mr. Santorini! What he doesn’t expect is that Mr. Santorini’s will leaves the entire company’s future in the hands of his spoiled rotten granddaughter, Brielle! He’s furious! He’s convinced that there is no way she can handle it. But it’s only for a year, and then he can step in and undo all the damage that she’s done. He is completely caught off guard when Brielle arrives and she is much more suited to the task of running the company than he could ever dream. And she is beyond gorgeous. When Brielle and Nicholas, two very strong willed individuals, start to butt heads, all bets are off. Can they learn to work together? And can Nick learn to control his raging hormones? Or is it all a lost cause?

Book Blurb for Diamond Heiress

When two bitter rivals….

One person stands between Brielle and her inheritance—Nicholas Trenton. If she fails to serve as CEO of her grandfather’s company, Santorini Jewels, for one full year, then everything goes to Nick—the company, her trust fund, and her home…the only home she’s ever known. Nick doesn’t care about the money, but he wants the company his father helped build. Now is his turn to run Santorini. Brielle isn’t qualified, nor does she deserve the position of CEO. One way or another, he will ensure she doesn’t run Santorini into the ground.

Are forced to run a multi-billion dollar company together…

Despite a clash of wills, they learn to work together for the benefit of the company. But when they can no longer ignore the attraction building between them, will they give in to it or will it ultimately be the downfall of Santorini?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.50