Devil's Marker

Sons of Sanctuary MC, #4 - Austin, Texas

WOW! Talk about explosive! "Devil's Marker" is the fourth novel in author Victoria Danann’s incredible Sons of Sanctuary series, and in my humble opinion, it is the best so far. I couldn’t put it down. The story moves extremely fast, from one side of Texas to the other. I absolutely fell for Win Garrett, the hero of this tale, and even more so for the boys of The Sons of Sanctuary, a rowdy, rough housing group of amazing men. I found it to be highly engaging, and a total blast to read. I would highly recommend reading this series in order, as you get the full tale of each incredible guy.

Win Garrett is a man on a mission. His mission: staying alive. To do this, he has to leave The Huns, a motorcycle club in California, and travel home to Texas to join the Sons of Sanctuary. Upon his arrival, Win learns his mission is only beginning. It seems a war is brewing between two rival clubs out of Waco. Brant, the leader of SSMC, is highly concerned. So Win finds himself on a trip to Waco, to “join” The Marauders. As he arrives in Waco, he learns that there is, indeed, a war brewing between The Stars and Bars, and The Marauders. Women have gone missing. Police have no leads. In comes The Marauders to investigate and save these missing women…if they can. Win finds himself in a battle royale, trying to save his own skin and that of the daughter of Boss, the leader of The Marauders. Once she ends up in the crosshairs, Win realizes there is nothing he won’t do to save her. But can he do it without losing his heart in the process?

Book Blurb for Devil's Marker

The Waco, Texas Marauders MC is on the verge of war.

New arrivals, Stars and Bars MC, are engaged in activities too nefarious for even the notorious Marauders.

New SSMC member, Win Garrett, is planted inside to get information and fill a marker owed by the club.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Victoria Danann, adds a bit of grit and reality to the runaway hit series Sons of Sanctuary. Devils Marker is a tale of romance and suspense loosely based on actual events.


A biker who walked away from a SoCal outlaw club came to the SSMC seeking a quiet life that might become a long life. Little did he know he was jumping out of the frying pan into the fire when the club president asked him to fill a marker owed to a Texas Ranger.

Win Garrett chose the fast track option to respect and a full patch with the club, but things changed when the daughter of the Marauders' prez caught his eye. Now all he wants is to get out alive with the little blonde bombshell who has his heart clenched in a vice grip with passion pink fingernails. 

"Suspense, loyalty, brotherhood, compassion, humor and romance...Sons of Sanctuary has something for everyone."

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 5.00