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Sensational! That’s the first and most accurate word to come to mind when I think of this novel. Author Mary Maddox has created a haunting novel full of suspense and not a little terror. This is exactly the type of novel that I adore. I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout the story, which I found impossible to put down. I felt an immediate connection to the character of Day Randall, as well as Kelly Durrell. Day is one that few people understand, but who expresses herself in her art. Kelly is one who saw Day for who she is, and liked her as a person. This is a fantastically suspenseful novel with more plot twists than I ever anticipated. It’s a perfect beach read!

Day Randall has been staying with Kelly Durrell for several months. When she disappears one day, Kelly is nearly frantic, searching for her, although few others seemed to care. Kelly knows that there’s something suspicious about Day’s disappearance, even though the police think she just ran away. Kelly begins her search in earnest. As Kelly searches for Day, she uncovers many secrets people thought long buried, both literally and figuratively. The hunt takes Kelly from a remote mountain compound, to a dark and sinister seeming back room of a bar or two. As the hunt goes on, the danger to Kelly grows exponentially. Can Kelly find out what happened to Day before she, too, vanishes without a trace?

Book Blurb for Darkroom

There’s plenty of room for another grave in the mountains . . .

Talented but unstable photographer Day Randall has been living rent-free in Kelly Durrell’s Colorado condo for eight months. Day needs someone to keep an eye on her. Kelly needs someone to draw her out of her stable but not spectacular life. The arrangement works for both of them.

Then Kelly comes home one day to find Day gone. There’s no note, no phone call. Day’s car is still parked out front, but her room is starkly, suspiciously spotless.

No one seems to care. The police certainly aren’t interested in a missing bipolar artist, but Kelly knows something is wrong. Day wouldn’t just leave.

Alone, Kelly traces Day’s last steps through shadowy back rooms of Boulder nightclubs and to a remote mountain estate, where the wealthy protect themselves behind electric fences and armed guards. Along the way, she uncovers a sinister underworld lying just below the mountain snow, and a group of powerful people who will do anything to protect the secrets hidden in Day’s enigmatic photographs.

If she trusts the wrong person, Kelly herself will be the next to disappear.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 5.00