Exiled, #2

Can I say that I absolutely loved this novel? Crave is the second in the Exiled series by author Victoria Danann, and it’s a real showstopper! From the beginning, all the stops are pulled out. Crave is a man damaged by his past, and trying to reconcile his future. I fell head over heels for this tortured man. And Dandelion? She’s got nerves of steel and the guts to handle anything. She’s also fragile, and delicate. I adore Dandy. Needless to say, this novel fits perfectly into the ever-expanding world Ms. Danann has created. I would recommend that the novels are read in order. It’s a perfect novel for the beach!

After being a prisoner for several years, Crave, Exiled leader Free’s second son, is free. But there’s a problem. Who is he? Who are these people attempting to get him to talk? Why won’t they just leave him alone?!?! He’s angry, scared, and frustrated. So he does what comes naturally, and flirts with everyone in town. Dandelion is another matter. As Crave’s Promise, she knows, in her heart, that he’s the one for her. Yet her heart breaks each time she sees Crave with someone else. So Dandy will do what she always does, and survive. When an opportunity arrives for Dandy to leave and establish a life elsewhere, she readily accepts, leaving her heart behind for Crave. He doesn’t seem to notice. Yet everything changes when a small child and Crave interact. Will Crave ever remember? Can Dandy learn to forget? Or will they ultimately come together, as was intended so long ago?

Book Blurb for Crave

Seasons came and went as Crave was kept isolated, chained in darkness, kept in filth, starved, tortured, taunted, taken to the point of death only to be restored so that his enemies could begin the process again. Even his mother thought he was dead. But the woman who’d held his heart and his promise never gave up hope that he was alive.

After his rescue, memory and sanity gone, she will plumb the depths of love. Because only one person can bring him back from hell.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50