Chasing Silver

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Chasing Silver

Book 2 of the Silver Maiden Trilogy.

When I first realized that this novel is the story of Remy and Nathan, I nearly cheered out loud. We were first introduced to Remy and Nathan in Touching Silver, the first novel in the series. Their story was never really explained, until this novel. This scorching, fantastic adventure tells their story and answers a bunch of unanswered questions from the previous novel. The characters are, as always, feisty and flirty and utterly fun and the story seamlessly blends two very different times together to form a beautiful and harrowing adventure that readers everywhere will simply adore. If the first two novels are this good, I can hardly wait for the third in the series!

Remy Capra is an enigma. When she lands, literally butt first, in the middle of Nathan Pierce’s investigation, he has no idea what to think of her (or her stated date of birth) other than WOW. A stunner, Remy is more than most men can handle. Yet that is exactly what Nathan must learn to do. When a killer cop from the future follows Remy to the past and starts causing some serious problems, Nathan, Remy and ex-partner and friend Isaac know they have to solve the mystery of the Silver Maiden coin Remy brought back with her. Why is a crazed killer from the future out to kill Remy, Nathan and Isaac? What is the deal with the Silver Maiden coin (or coins)? Can Remy and Nathan overcome their pasts and let their hearts meet? Join the party in the past to see what happens.

Book Blurb for Chasing Silver

Washington, D.C., 2085

Remy Capra lives on the outskirts of society, her gang her only family. When that family is destroyed by a cop who cares more about causing pain than justice, Remy seeks revenge by stealing a mysterious coin, the Silver Maiden, from him. Suddenly Remy is transported into the past—and right into the path of Nathan Pierce.

Los Angeles, 2010

After a terrible betrayal left him injured and reluctant to trust, Nathan quit the police force and shut himself off from the world. He now hunts down criminals on his own...until Remy drops into his life. Nathan can't resist the urge to protect the sexy stranger, nor deny their incredible sexual chemistry.

Remy and Nathan's relationship is threatened from all sides—and times—when their enemies team up to get the coin. Now that fate has brought Remy and Nathan together, nothing can stand in their way.

Previously published.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50