Exiled Book 3

I have been a long-time reader of author Victoria Danann. Charming in the third novel in the Exiled series, and a more perfect ending to the series could not exist. Charming, as a character, is smooth, enigmatic, and an all-around good guy. The novel is a whirlwind of action, at times easy and quiet, and at others, a crazy mix of activity, all blended seamlessly together. I adore Charming, as well as Ana, as they are perfect compliments to each other. Ana is strong and brave, while Charming is both of those, as well as the charmer he is named for. I absolutely loved it! I would suggest reading the series in order, as important events make more sense that way. This is a delightful ending to this series, and leaves me eagerly wanting the next fantastical novel Ms. Danann creates!

Charming is no stranger to conflict. As a member of the Exiled’s ruling family, he’s seen plenty in his years. War, strife, tragedy….he’s no stranger to it. So when Rosie Storm appears on his doorstep with a human girl in tow, he’s surprised, but also slightly curious. What was she doing there? What does she want? Who is the girl? As Rosie tells him her tale and the reason for her visit, he finally understands. He is to care for this girl! Then Rosie leaves. Charming has no idea what to do, so he sets about finding out just who this mysterious girl is. Her name is Ana, and it seems that she’s in trouble in her own world. As Charming learns more about Ana, and she learns about him, the sparks begin to fly. But underneath it all, there’s a killer on the loose, and it’s up to Charming, and now Ana, to catch him. Can they do it?

Book Blurb for Charming

A string of murders point to a hybrid killerA girl on the run is dropped off at Charming's door.His previously well-ordered world has turned into one big hot mess. For six years humans have lived in peace with the human-animal hybrids known as the EXILED,integrating, intermarrying, and sharing culture. Despite his youth, Charming reluctantly accepted the role of leader and gained the respect of hybrids and humans alike. Everything has been progressing smoothly until a series of human murder victims begin turning up with evidence pointing to a hybrid killer.

While Charming is struggling to manage a city in crisis with fear and racial tension,Rosie Storm arrives unexpectedly, leaves a human female for him to protect, and disappears without leaving a way to reach her. At the worst possible time, he finds himself with an unwelcome guest sporting ingratitude. And a fetching body.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author,Victoria Danann, writes a thrilling follow up to Carnal and Crave. This is the third book in EXILED, a series about a genetically altered new species. Besides being heart-stopping beautiful to look at, they're bigger, faster, stronger,and smarter.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 5.00