Exiled, #1

Can I say that I love The Exiled? Author Victoria Danann has expanded the extraordinary world of The Order of the Black Swan to include the new world of The Exiles, and they are a tremendous force to be reckoned with. The storyline takes off at breakneck speed, and the myriad twists and turns kept me hooked from page 1. I couldn’t put it down! While it does have a tie to the Order, this novel is not about the Order. Instead, we got to know more about Elora Rose Storm, aka Rosie, and the fantastic cast of The Exiled. I absolutely fell for Carnal, a true bad boy in every sense of the words. All told, I loved this novel, and am very eagerly anticipating the next one in the series!

Rosie Storm is having a bit of boy trouble. After angrily throwing an ultimatum at Glendennon Catch, a Black Swan knight, she storms off and a rash decision is made. She has decided to run away. While she is more than capable of handling such an endeavor on her own, she reaches out to a family friend, who whisks her away to an alternate dimension to “cool her heels.” She also has to help out with the village, and the people known as The Exiled. Little does she know, there is one in particular who has plans for her. Carnal has known both joy and brutal heartbreak in his life. He’s a hard one to know, but so is Rosie, and his sights are set on her. As Rosie is settling in, events happen that impact all of The Exiled, but Carnal most of all. As events spiral into a collision course, can Rosie help The Exiled to save their lives? Can Carnal convince Rosie he’s the one she needs? And can they work together to realize these things, before all is lost?

Book Blurb for Carnal

The angel, Kellareal, stopped the genocide of a hundred and forty three human/animal hybrids, who'd been bred as a research experiment and spent their entire lives imprisoned. Against orders, he spirited them away to a dimension and gave them the job of protecting humans whose own hybrid experiment had escaped and become their nightmare.

Rosie Storm thought she was getting a few weeks of tantrum-fueled asylum. The last thing she was expecting was someone like Carnal.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.50