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A Scarlet Deception Novel, #3

For Christina Dodd fans, this is one of the novels we have all been waiting for. Betrayal ties together the first two novels in the Bella Terra Deception series in a beautiful and explosive manner. It reunites all the previous well loved characters, Eli and Chloe, Brooke and Rafe, Noah, and of course grandmother Sarah Di Luca and the notorious Joseph Bianchin. The story is extremely well written, as are all her books, and the characters are sarcastic and witty, charming and utterly lovable. It moves so rapidly that its very easy to read in one sitting. There are plentiful nail-biting moments, and abundant melt your heart moments to make one sigh. This is a must read for anyone seeking a grand adventure, and an even grander love story spanning generations.

Noah is a dead man. He has always known it, but it never had much impact on his life until one fateful day, when the woman of his dreams, the long lost Penelope Alonso, walks back into his life after nine long years. After surviving the most recent spate of troubles in Bella Terra, Noah is shocked to see Penelope back in town, and after running into her at Brooke and Rafe’s house, decides that he can have nothing to do with her. That is, until he discovers that she is intimately involved in the search for the missing diamonds begun two novels prior. When Noah’s long lost family appears to exacerbate the issue and make matters so much worse, Noah knows he must come clean with the family and Penelope, and risk losing them all in order to save them and stop the violence. Come visit Bella Terra for the ride of your life. You won’t regret it.

Book Blurb for Betrayal

Only New York Times bestseller Christina Dodd could bring you this series about three brothers, tormented by their pasts...

At nineteen, Noah Di Luca was Bella Terra's golden boy, handsome, confident, and untouched by the shadows that tormented his brothers...or so it seems. Driven by ambition, beautiful teenage Penelope Alonso fought her way out of the ghettos. During one hot summer, they came together in the sweetness of first love...until his past reared its ugly head and Noah walked away.

Nine years later, Penelope returns, never imagining she'd see Noah or that one glance would wake their fiery passion. As peril builds around them, Penelope has one choice: to survive, she must once again trust the man who betrayed her.

Even with terror stalking through Bella Terra's streets, love may be the most dangerous choice of all. Customers who like books by Nora Roberts and Barbara Freethy might enjoy this story.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 5.00