Wow. I can quite honestly say that I have never read a book like this before. Let me first say this novel is extraordinary. Overall, the scope of this novel is nearly epic, exploring the fallout of one man's obsessions. I found the novel to be terrifying and horrible in many places, yet there are also more than a few moments of laughter and love. The characters are wholly relatable and mostly likeable, with a few exceptions. In all honesty, this is a book I am proud to have read and reviewed, but I will say it is not a book for the faint of heart.

The tides have seemingly turned for Julian Cormac. He has banished his beautiful demon creation, Beatrysel, and has made it out of the county mental hospital and is now back home. He is only in outpatient care. Then strange things begin occurring. Ritualistic murderers start occurring at a horrific rate. The name Beatrysel keeps popping up at the murder scenes, as well. Who is Beatrysel and what does she want? All signs seem to point to Julian. What is going on? Is he the murderer? Is it someone else? Has Beatrysel come back? With the help of his own sister and his dear friends, Julian must find the answer or risk not only his own life and sanity, but those of all he loves as well.

Book Blurb for Beatrysel

Unsatisfied with the ancient grimoires, the Magus made his own. Unsatisfied with the ancient demons, the Magus made Beatrysel. She was a creature of love, but there is no love without hate, no light without darkness, no loyalty without betrayal.

And demons covet flesh.

Johnny Worthen's novel BEATRYSEL is a modern Faust tale set in the American Northwest where the cold winter rain melts the barriers between what is real and what is more real.

Beatrysel is a terrifying journey through modern metaphysics, High Magic and ancient religions where secret dreams turn to nightmares when Will becomes Form. Power-hungry magicians, serial killers and scorned lovers must contend with the power of the most beautiful and dangerous Magick in creation-- for Beatrysel is a creature of love.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00