Awakened by the Minotaur

Can I just say that I absolutely love the Greek Mythos? This enchanting novel grabbed my attention from the very first page and kept me enthralled. I can honestly say that I don’t recall ever seeing another shifter novel such as this one, with a Minotaur as the hero. It gave the story a very unique flavor. I loved the way the novel flowed, and how it moved from past to present events nearly flawlessly. And the characters! I totally fell for the hero, Teo, dark, and brooding, with more secrets than he knows what to do with. I also identified with Lara, our heroine, who has had more than her share of heartache, but knows there is a prince with a heart of gold somewhere out there. All in all, this is a terrific book, and I would most definitely recommend this for a fabulous read to warm those cold autumn nights.

Lara Castille has always taken the safe road. She’s never really done anything terribly impulsive; that is, not until this trip to Crete. She just wanted to have fun. Lara decides to join a local gathering at the ruins of Knossos, and a crazy night full of wild events ensues. Lara isn’t sure of what she’s seen and done, and convinces herself it was a dream. Teo Lambros, her devastatingly gorgeous guide, knows that the night was not a dream. He knows the Minotaur, and he knows what – and who – the Minotaur wants. As Lara and Teo draw closer in the present, the ghosts of the past come back to threaten their future. Will they be able to stop the past and save their future? Or are they doomed to repeat past mistakes?

Book Blurb for Awakened by the Minotaur

When man becomes minotaur, dark passion takes hold…

Lara Castille always plays it safe in both love and life. But when she arrives on vacation in Crete, she is determined to enjoy herself. Old habits die hard, though. Drawn to her tour guide, the enigmatic and sexy Teo Lambros, she cannot let down her guard—until she takes part in the ancient and sensual rites at the ruins of Knossos. She dreams of the minotaur who takes her upon the altar, and wonders if it could be Teo who brought her to ecstasy.

A gray haze clouds Teo’s memory of the rites; he knows only that the bull has chosen him for his own. He fears that the land will once again need a sacrifice, as it did when it claimed his fiancée the year before. Though he cannot deny his need for Lara, he knows that protecting her from his desire is the only way to keep her safe.

As the island’s magic demands everything they have, Lara and Teo must discover what’s real and what’s imagined if they’re to survive the passionate sexuality that draws them together…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.50