A Demon And Her Scot

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A Demon And Her Scot

Welcome To Hell, #3

There are few words to describe this amazing and hysterically funny book. Zany is one. Fantastic is another. Must read is yet another. This laugh out loud novel is one of the amazing Welcome to Hell series by Eve Langlais, and I can wholeheartedly recommended this book and the series. I found the characters beyond enchanting and engaging. Aella is a demon after my own heart. She was an absolute kick to read and had me literally laughing out loud. Niall is a crazy oaf of a man and a blast to read his insane interactions with Lucifer. This is a novel that will leave readers absolutely begging for more, which, thankfully, there is.

Aella is the best tracker there is in Hell. She's always the one Lucifer goes to when he needs the dirty work done, and she always does it with style and flair to spare. Not to mention attitude. So when Lucifer comes knocking and sends her on a mission to seek and apprehend a missing Scottish golf master whom our dear devil needs as a teacher, what's a girl to do but accept? So with killer boots and a gigantic axe to match, the hunt is on. When she finally finds her prey, Niall is certainly not what she expected. His surly attitude and her short temper lead to some very interesting experiences for both of them, and some that neither of them anticipated. Can Niall teach Lucifer the delicate game of golf in time to win the tournament? Can Niall learn to trust his heart and talk Aella into trusting hers as well? Take a trip down the River Styx and stay for the tourney! It's a Hell of a good time.

Book Blurb for A Demon And Her Scot

An unlikely duo, the golfing match from Hell, and a devil determined to win, even if he has to cheat. Lucifer’s up to his matchmaking mischief again in this fast-paced, humorous jaunt into the bowels of the pit. Think you can handle the heat?

“Fetch me a Scot,” Lucifer commands. Sounds simple, except the skirt-wearing jerk won’t cooperate. But Aella isn’t one to give up. Willing or not, she delivers her target to the Lord of Sin. In retaliation, the much-too-sexy Scot has Aella assigned as his bodyguard for the golfing match from Hell.

One shot ruined Niall’s life. A second shot could help him regain it. Niall sold his soul once to win a lady’s heart only to end up betrayed. Does he dare take a risk and give love a second chance?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00