Quest for Love

Songs of the Mages 4

This is my favorite book in the Mages series to date. I really and truly loved Jason and Jono. I was sad to read that Jason felt the need to have to find his own path in life and I could see how hurt Jono was but didn't express to his twin. I could understand the need for Jason to find the part of him that wasn't wrapped up in his twin and when he arrived in Ireland I could see just how badly he really did need it.

Aislinn is a wonderful and fabulous lead woman, her strength and loyalty just oozes off the pages. I found it so interesting and almost found a bit of another story in her struggle with her loyalty and beliefs in the Quaker religion. I loved being able to see her struggling with her connection to Jason and her beliefs in her religion.

And Brady....sweet Brady. He owned my heart in this story. I wanted to scoop him up in my arms and never ever let him go. What a sweet and loving child that I loved seeing grow through out the story. I am so hoping that Ms. Stewart continues the Songs of the Mages because I would love to read about Jono and Vicky's path as well.

I again, highly recommend book four in the Songs of the Mages, you don't have to have read the first three but trust me that you will love following the story through the family and falling in love with them.

Book Blurb for Quest for Love

Jason Townsend determines he must sever his ties with his twin Jono and find his own path in life. His mage’s inner voice demands he go to Ireland, and there he meets Aislinn, a Quaker contemptuous of his First World War heroism and his reputation as a ladies’ man. She thinks he’s the antithesis of any man she could ever want. Now he must not only find his essential self, but is determined to convince Aislinn he’s not the detestable Lothario she thinks him.

His quest becomes complicated when a villain is determined to destroy Aislinn and the young boy she’s protecting. Jason must assert his powers as a mage to save her and prove his love.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00