Lord of Always

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Lord of Always

Brenna is a set to marry Evan Richmond, a spoiled man that she was betrothed to many years ago, but her father broke the contract. Now she has been ordered to marry him again by her brother. Trapped with no where else to go she is stuck with a cruel man and his even crueler twin sister.

On their wedding night Evan commits a horrible act that causes things beyond this world to intervene and cause a change in him. Will Brenna still stay with her husband or will she take the opportunity to flee the monster that she has been married to. Or can the man that Evan has become show her that he has changed.

I loved this story. There is not a single thing about it that I disliked. The characters are amazing. I loved Brenna from the start. The idea behind the story was so great and I like the relationship that was there between Evan and Geline. I think that the ending was fabulous and I am so hoping that Ms. Wicklund decides to write a story about her.

If you are looking for a great story to read and you want to get lost in it for a while, this is for sure one I recommend. I will be looking up more stories by Ms. Wicklund and eagerly reading all of her books.

Book Blurb for Lord of Always

How does a good and honorable man atone for wicked deeds he committed when he was neither good nor honorable? How does he tell the woman forced to marry him of the supernatural event that transformed his life, cleansing him of the darkness? Above all, how does he convince his wife that he loves her, that he too is worthy of being loved, when all she feels for him is hatred?
Evan Richmond, a spoiled, debauched aristocrat, is confronted by an obligation he can’t ignore. He must marry, and Brenna Hilliard is to be his bride. On his wedding night, Evan commits an unforgivable sin, stirring the wrath of something beyond this world. In the guise of a raging storm, he is “struck” unconscious. When he awakens his life is forever changed, for he no longer carries the soul he was born with. Another has taken its place.
Thus Brenna is faced with a choice. Does she reject her husband because of whom he has always been…or love the man he is becoming?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00