Kentucky Bloodlust

Kate just wants to finish her thesis, do her job, and enjoy her dinners with her father. But the gift she was born with, that allows her to speak with spirits and see past events won't let her be. Plus she has been having very weird and a bit scary dreams....and then there is that weird Raven!

Sin is the leader of the Druids and he is out hunting the man that stole a book of spells and dared to threaten and harm his family. What he didn't expect was to get slammed in the gut with the desire and need for the feisty Irish woman that ends up holding the book he is hunting.

I really liked the idea of this book. My one big problem was the flip flopping from 3rd to 1st person. Everyone but Kate is addressed in 3rd person and it makes it really hard to read sometimes. I enjoyed the idea behind what actually drives Kate and Sin together. I would like to also hear more about Sin's family. Otherwise I enjoyed this book and if I saw more continuing the family's story I would pick them up

Book Blurb for Kentucky Bloodlust

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Thriller, Shapeshifter

Pages: 204

Flame Rating: 4 Flames

The story of the Druid and the teacher, two unlikely lovers bound together by an inescapable fate.

Kate Connolly is a busy graduate student who simply wants to get her degree. The problem is that she sees ghosts and sometimes the future and lately a giant Raven that's following her! When she comes across an ancient book of spells, the world as she knows it turns upside down. College girls are being ritualistically and brutally murdered and there is a killer on the loose. She feels obligated to use her gifts to help her detective father solve the heinous crimes.

Sin Thiesson is a leader of the Druid Order from Ireland. He is chasing down the book of spells as well as a rogue Druid. He becomes obsessed with another task, however, of the mating kind, when he sees the beautiful Kate. Nothing is going to stand in the way of winning his mate--not a hungry demon, not a vengeful cousin, and certainly not Kate herself.

Their worlds collide and sparks fly when they must join together to face a powerful, ancient enemy in a fight for survival of humanity and the world as we know it.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.25