Jennivere's Journey

Songs of the Mages 3

Another Beautiful addition to the Songs of the Mages series by Ms. Stewart. I loved the story of Jenny and her Zach. Jenny's compassion and devotion to helping others comes across so clear in the story. And the description of the land where Jenny planned to grow her vines is beautiful and made me yearn to fly to England and seek out the countryside.

I loved how Zach was so assured and cocky in the beginning. Believing that his views and way of seeing things was undoubtedly correct only to be knocked up side the head by Jenny gentle giving and caring. I could feel the love and pain he was feeling through out the story. My heart was breaking for both of them.

If you have read the other Songs of the Mages books, your going to love this edition in the group.

Book Blurb for Jennivere's Journey

Lady Jennivere has inherited powers from Merlin and the Lady of the Lake. She heals with her unusual empathy and abilities, often absorbing some of her patients’ pain.

Zach Rendell is a historian whose latest book is an exposé of charlatans who claim supernatural power. Zach is enthralled by Jenny’s intelligence and beauty but questions her claim of healing abilities. Yet every time he sees her caring success, another chink in his armor falls away. He finally accepts her magical gifts, but now thinks he’s not good enough for such an empowered person.

Jenny can’t bring herself to tell Zach her own secret guilt and why she needs him so badly. Both must give in order to secure their love. But are the lovers capable of so much?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00