Damien's Destiny

Songs of the Mages 1

What a wonderful first book in the Songs of the Mages series by Ms. Hart. I fell in love with Damien right away. His wonderful heart and soul came through the pages of the story and made me cheer and root for him the whole time.

My heart was breaking for Toria and the pain she had to overcome and deal with with. I saw her warrior spirit and strength in her even when she didn't. The author did a wonderful job of having showing us her strength that was sitting just below the surface. I loved how she had Toria work through her demons at her own pace despite the wishing from Damien that she would work through them faster.

The story is full of wonderful twist and turns and in the mix I meet and fall in love with Damien's two best friends Jason and Rafe. I so want to hear and read more about them in future stories. If you are looking for a book filled with action, romance, and amazing twists then I highly recommend Songs of the Mages 1.

Book Blurb for Damien's Destiny

Damien is a mage, inheriting from Merlin the potential for enchantment and wizardry. When he rescues Toria from drowning herself, Damien knows she claims a special place in his heart. He will need all his abilities to help Toria overcome her fear of being touched by any man after she was raped by her guardian. He hides her in a school for girls until she is of age, and then brings her to Tregaron, his home as Earl of Sinclair.

Toria’s lecherous guardian, Baron Heath, continues to stalk her. Damien must summon all his capabilities to protect her. As he tries to safeguard her life, the battle to conquer her fear of men looms ever more difficult. Damien refuses to influence her thinking with his extraordinary powers. Will he be able to triumph, save her from the wicked baron and finally claim Toria as his destiny?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00