Winging It

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Winging It

The Dragon Diaries, #2

Deborah Cooke's latest release, Winging It is another fantastic addition to her YA series, The Dragon Diaries, that I believe YA readers will love.

Ms. Cooke has written a charmingly enchanted story that captures the trials of being a teenager and blends it with the problems of being a magical one. Her characters are well thought out, believable and intelligent. The storyline is intriguing, interesting and fast-paced. Her YA series adds more richness to her Pry world and weaves wonderfully into her past and future books. This is a book that I am adding to my keeper collection and one that I am delighted to recommend this book to others weather they read YA or not.

Book Blurb for Winging It

The new Dragon Diary novel from the author of Flying Blind. Zo‰ Sorensson yearns to come into her powers as the only female dragon shifter. But being part of two worlds is more complicated than she expected. It's bad enough that she's the target of the Mages's plan to eliminate all shifters-but she also has to hide her true nature from her human best friend, Megan. But when Megan gets a last-minute invite to the popular kids' Halloween party-hosted by an apprentice Mage-Zo‰ must save the day and her best friend without revealing her fire- breathing secrets...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50