When Night Falls

Book Length: Novella

Kit Catlyn’s book, When Night Falls is a fascinatingly erotic paranormal romance, which takes the idea shape shifters and gives it a twist.
What would you do if you found out that your dream lover was also your wolf? That’s the question that Taylor Cautrell has to answer for herself. Taylor is an independent woman who has started having intensely passionate and erotic dreams with a man she hasn’t met. She helps a wolf that was trapped in a snowstorm, and notices similarities between her dream lover and the wolf. Just as she accepts that her lover is human at night and wolf by day, someone from Taylor’s past threatens the peace she has found.

Ms. Catlyn blends the unique with the erotically sensual, into an enchanting story that leaves you wanting more. The characters are fleshed out, intelligent and believable; and the romance is steamy and red hot without being too much. I love paranormal romance and this book is a great addition to the genre, and one that has a special place with my keeper books. This is a book that I recommend and Ms. Catlyn is an author that I’m looking forward to more from in the future.

Book Blurb for When Night Falls

A virile stranger strides into Taylor Cautrell’s dreams and makes passionate love to her. Shortly after the dreams begin, Taylor rescues an injured wolf. The erotic dreams increase in intensity. The black wolf lies at her hearth during the day but disappears at night. Taylor doesn’t believe in shapeshifters, but she’s beginning to wonder if her black-haired, nighttime lover is a wolf. With each passing day, her passion for her wolf and for her nocturnal lover grows.

But Taylor’s life is about to be shattered when she is stalked by the most deadly predator of all—man.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.50