Warrior of the Light

B.J. McCall’s newest release, is a novella called Warrior of the Light, brings life on other planets and travel between them in a completely new light.
On a planet called Jada there are people who can shapeshift, such as wolves and dragons, there are also demons, vampires and hellcats. Falon is a Warrior of the Light from the planet Jada, who makes an emergency escape, shifting as he escapes and lands on earth. Dani March is driving to a Halloween party hoping to make a hot co-worker notice her, in her little red riding hood outfit, since he’s supposed to be the big bad wolf. Falon in his wolven form lands in Dani’s car and she ends up taking him home, where she ends up summoning a Warrior of the Light, without realizing it and Falon changes into his human form. Dani and Falon travel on a very sensual road through Dani’s past and they discover her true heritage and fall in love along the way.
The love scenes in this book add to the story seamlessly instead of feeling forced. This book is one of my new favorites, even though it doesn’t last long enough for me. I really hope that B.J. McCall will have other books about the planet Jada and it’s inhabitants. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially if they like fantasy, paranormal romance and steamy love scenes that enhance the story.

Book Blurb for Warrior of the Light

A fiery burst of light in the night sky signals a new life for Dani March, but at the moment her main concern is what to do about the wolf-like dog that has jumped into the backseat of her convertible. It’s Halloween and weird things often happen.
Falon doesn’t know why he was summoned to Earth, but the beautiful woman who placed the call has this shapeshifter licking his chops.
Dani’s inadvertent request for a big bad wolf makes for an interesting and erotically charged night. A dog can change into a time-jumping warrior, fables can be true and one’s earthly existence is the real fantasy.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00