Voices in the Dark

A Merry Kinkmas Story

Lacey Savage’s latest release, Voices in the Dark is a wonderfully written enchanting holiday quickie that readers will love to read during any season. She has penned a captivating holiday romance that will have readers wanting more. Her characters are intelligent, believable, and interesting. The storyline is fascinating, witty and full of holiday magic. The sexual tension between the two main characters is intense and explosive. This is one book that I will definitely be adding to my keeper collection. I am delighted to recommend this book to others.


Book Blurb for Voices in the Dark


Maddie’s coworkers have no idea that she gets off on calling random men, whispering raunchy fantasies in their ears and hearing them orgasm at the sound of her voice. Her fetish is fun, daring and most importantly, safe. That’s paramount for a transplanted Texan now living in New York.

Sex with strangers is risky. Phone sex is totally anonymous. Until Maddie calls a coworker by mistake. And when Adrian recognizes her voice, he turns her safe little fetish into a dangerous game. One that Maddie can’t possibly win. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50