Trouble in High Heels

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Trouble in High Heels

Sister's Trilogy Book 3

Leanne Banks newest release, Trouble in High Heels is a fun, charming, quirky and entertaining.
These characters in this book are well rounded and intelligent, and they compliment the story in a very believable way. The plot is well thought-out and holds the readers attention. I like how the author brings these complete opposites together and builds the bond between them. I also like how Ms. Banks builds the romance from beginning to end and what starts out, as just attraction becomes lasting emotion. This is a page-turner that you won’t want to put down. I recommend this book and believe that it’s a definite keeper.

Book Blurb for Trouble in High Heels

Lori Granger, a glamorous heiress with a penchant for overwhelming generosity, suddenly finds herself at the mercy of Jackson James, a handsome if no-nonsense CPA who refuses to give up control of her trust fund and who apparently is immune to her charms.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50