The Wanderers

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The Wanderers

Veiled Isles Trilogy, #3

This was a satisfactory ending to a good fantasy series. All of the characters were changed by the events that took place. The horrors that began in the first book were truly at their peak by the final battle. The odds were stacked against the heroes but they all were able to find the good within themselves. The pace was fast and the plot was rich. I couldn’t put the book down and continuously flipped through the pages to see if the heroes would be victorious or even if they would survive. The ending did not let this reader down. This is a very good read.

In this epic conclusion all of the characters are tested as the battle takes place between good and evil. The arcanist now must push their talents to the test and work as one to clean the Source. If they fail the world they know will cease to exist. When the time comes Austere Belandor must make an important decision. Things look gloomy for Jianna who is determined to save the man she loves from being executed but find herself imprisoned in the Witch as well. As the plague spreads and rebellions break out all over the city it truly does seem that the end of the world is at hand.

Book Blurb for The Wanderers

Paula Brandon’s acclaimed fantasy trilogy comes to a triumphant conclusion in an unforgettable collision of magic, intrigue, and romance.

Time is running out. Falaste Rione is imprisoned, sentenced to death. And even though the magical balance of the Source is slipping and the fabric of reality itself has begun to tear, Jianna Belandor can think only of freeing the man she loves. But to do so, she must join a revolution she once despised—and risk reunion with a husband she has ample reason to fear. 

Meanwhile, undead creatures terrorize the land, slaves of the Overmind—a relentless consciousness determined to bring everything that lives under its sway. All that stands in the way is a motley group of arcanists whose combined powers will barely suffice to restore balance to the Source. But when Jianna’s father, the Magnifico Aureste Belandor, murders one of them, the group begins to fracture under the pressures of suspicion and mutual hatred. Now humanity’s hope rests with an unexpected soul: a misanthropic hermit whose next move may turn the tide and save the world.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.00