The Immortal Hunter

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The Immortal Hunter

Series: Rogue Hunter 2

Lynsay Sands’ upcoming release, The Immortal Hunter is a wonderful addition to her Aregeneau Vampire series.
This book is engaging, fast-paced, and entertaining. Decker Aregeneau is on vacation when he’s asked to help some rogue vampires and while out hunting he finds some victims and moves in to save them. What Decker doesn’t expect is for his lifemate to be the victim he just saved. Dani McGill is uncertain if she should trust the man, who just rescued her, but her sister’s life is in danger and he’s only one who can help her. Ms. Sands has woven a sexy and funny, page-turner that fans of her books will find a perfect addition to the rest of her series. The characters are fleshed out and believable, and the tension between the main characters is entertaining. The chemistry between Decker and Dani is steamy and complex and as the attraction grows, the chemistry becomes red hot.
I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading it and become completely absorbed in the story. I will definitely be adding this book to my keeper shelf and one that I highly recommend.

Book Blurb for The Immortal Hunter

Decker is on a mission. They've captured one rogue vampire, but it's clear he's not the only villain out there. Determined to capture whoever is responsible, Decker makes a risky decision - to follow a tip from their prisoner. But that may not be nearly as risky as teaming up with the stunning Danielle. Dani is worried sick over her missing neighbor. But she's a cop, and she's not going to let a little thing like fear slow her down. If that means working with the mysterious Decker and his equally secretive friends, so be it. But when Decker starts throwing around words like 'life mate', Dani starts to realize that nothing is going to be the same again.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00