The Fashion Game

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The Fashion Game

Patricia Ryan’s latest release, The Fashion Game, is a wonderfully written blend of romance and dangerous intrigue. Mary Moore is an up and coming dress designer who is swept off her feet when she meets Ben Garrison. Things really begin to heat up when Mary realizes that someone is stealing her designs and selling them on the black market. As the danger increases, so does the chemistry between Mary and Ben, but is it going to be enough to save their lives.

Ms. Ryan has woven a beautiful story with appealing, down to earth characters and an intriguing, complex plot. This book is a definite page-turner that once you start reading you just have to finish it. I like how the romance in the book is blended and balanced with the danger and the spice of the couple. The passion and emotion in the story just flows from the page and hooks you right in. This is a book that I really enjoyed reading and one that is a definite keeper. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who likes their romance with the spice of danger.

Book Blurb for The Fashion Game

Up and coming dress designer, Mary Moore, meets handsome Benjamin Garrison at one of her fashion shows. Ben sweeps her off her feet and into a whirl of romance and exciting sex.

Mary thinks her life is complete until she discovers that someone is stealing her designs and manufacturing them for sale on the black market. Her perfect life crumbles about her when her friend and salon manager, Rebecca Soames, discovers who is behind the counterfeiting but is murdered to keep the discovery quiet.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00