Taking the Fall

Amarinda Jones’ latest release, Taking the Fall is an intelligent and charming story. This is a story where you are cheering on, the angel and the demon, as well as the heroine.
The heroine Jontie Rhodes is a strong, shy woman looking for a man. What she gets is two of them, but what she doesn’t know is that she will have to make a decision that will affect the entire world. James is a demon, who has plans for Jonite that he believes will pull her towards his way of thinking. Gilbert, an angel has to stop her from doing what James wants her to do. What none of them expected was to fall in love. Jonite, with the encouragement of her best friend, takes the chance on following her heart.
Taking the Fall is light-hearted and funny, but also has a serious tone. The love scenes are steamy and add just the right touch to the romance of the story. Amarinda Jones pens a creative story that shows us twist on the good versus evil scenario. Full of emotion, love, lust, passion and strong characters, this is a wonderful read and I would recommend this to anyone.

Book Blurb for Taking the Fall

Jontie Rhodes holds the fate of the future in her hands. The only problem is she doesn't know it. When she attends a friend’s wedding she has one thought in mind. She needs a man. It has been so long since anyone has touched her in passion.

Two men want Jontie.  An angel and a demon both know she has a decision to make that can affect the lives of many. They each have a plan to subtly watch her and influence her to suit their own purposes. However what starts out as manipulation soon turns into love.

Jontie is caught between heaven and hell and she is enjoying every hot, sexy moment of it. 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 3.50