Storm Warning

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Storm Warning

Toni Anderson’s latest release, Storm Warning is an intense, provocative paranormal romance with a suspenseful twist. Ms. Anderson has woven a beautiful story that will have readers coming back for more. Her characters are intelligent, tantalizing, and compelling. The storyline is entertaining, fascinating, and interesting. The sexual tension between the main characters is intense and explosive. This is a book that I am unquestionably adding to my keeper collection. It is my pleasure to recommend this book to others.

Book Blurb for Storm Warning

Sorcha Logan is looking for peace.

Recently returned to her hometown on Scotland’s craggy coast, Sorcha wants to tame the spirits that made her flee. When she finds a corpse in the surf, however, she can’t suppress the memory of discovering her father’s body. Nor can she suppress the ghosts that haunt her—or the town’s conviction that she’s dangerous, and a witch.

Ben Foley is looking for a killer.

An American DEA agent, Ben is in town to investigate the suspicious death of his partner. He’s sure that Sorcha knows more than she’s letting on—but the more time he spends with the sexy suspect, the less he can fight their illicit attraction. And the less certain he is she’s involved with a drug cartel.

But can Ben protect Sorcha from being set up? Or worse—killed?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.75