Red Shadow

Book 3 in the Ecstasy in Red series

Lynne Connolly’s newest release, Red Shadow is a smoking hot paranormal thrill ride, that will have you wanting more.

Ms. Connolly has woven an intriguing story with captivating characters and interesting plot. Her characters are well-written, intelligent and sassy. The plot is spicy, fascinating and has the story threads blended together seamlessly. I am definitely adding this book to my keeper collection. This is a book that I am delighted to recommend.

Book Blurb for Red Shadow

Johann isn’t happy with his latest assignment for STORM. That changes when he meets Ania.
Johann and Ania ignite passion that lights up the Los Angeles sky. They can’t get enough of each other, even though Johann thinks Ania knows more than she’s telling about his quarry, the elusive Dr. Bennett.
Ania should be concentrating on her failing catering company and her sick brother, not spending her days and nights in sexual ecstasy. She just can’t stay away from Johann. When Johann introduces her to his best friend, she discovers what it’s like to have two demanding, lustful men in her bed.
She’s falling in love with Johann, even though she knows, as a vampire, his lifespan is much longer than hers. Perhaps in his arms she can discover what forever feels like. Or perhaps they’ll both die, if they don’t find Bennett before he finds them.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 5.00