Book Length: Quickie

Rena Mark’s book, Plaything is a wonderfully creative story. This book has some of my favorite elements when it comes to stories; headstrong couple, magic gone awry and a happy ending.
Quickie books sometimes leave me feeling that something was missing, but not with this book. Plaything has a fast-paced storyline and everything just clicked with me. The story flowed across the pages. I didn’t feel as if anything was left out. The characters are appealing and enthralling.  They are very fleshed out in a real life kind of way. The sparks that fly between the two main characters are explosive. These two are red hot and highly flammable. The story is complex and scorching with very believable troubles that drive the plot and the character interactions. Plaything is a definite keeper and one that I will recommend to anyone, even if you usually don’t read quickies. I would make an exception in this case.

Book Blurb for Plaything

Plaything follows Boy Toy but can be read as a standalone story.

Jessie has no idea why she agreed to help Silver’s sister Scarlett, but something sends her off to a strange city. When her best friend Nina shares with her the story of Silver giving her a magical pendant that controls a boy toy for his birthday month, Jessie wants the same. Yet voodoo creeps her out—you can’t trust it.

Then she meets Levi Garrett, the resident boy toy. Mr. Alpha Male to a fault, Jessie would love to tell him where to go after telling him exactly how to please her. She has the sapphire pendant but instead of getting a boy toy, Jessie becomes the plaything.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00