Perfectly Wicked

Sara Bonney’s latest release, Perfectly Wicked is a beautifully penned paranormal romance that will have readers coming back for more. She has woven a wickedly entertaining story with great characters and a plot that will hook readers right from the beginning. Her characters are believable, intelligent and interesting. The storyline is an alluring, intriguing, smooth ride from beginning to end. I am delighted to add this book to my keeper collection and to recommend this book to others.

Book Blurb for Perfectly Wicked

The young witch, Bell Carver, has met Ian Nash in a past life—he’s an immortal demon and a perfect bastard.

Bell Carver didn’t know about love at first sight, but lust at first sight was a fact, and the fact of the matter shows up on her doorstep.

When sexy dominating Ian Nash, special agent of the FBI, drags Bell away in handcuffs, it has nothing to do with law enforcement.

Nash knows Bell is a witch. Ian Nash is more than a mortal man. Bell remembers him from a past life. Something evil has been following Bell life after life, hunting her down by her fiery sexuality, and snuffing her out.

Now that evil has found her again. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00