My Wicked Vampire

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My Wicked Vampire


Nina Bangs’s upcoming release, My Wicked Vampire is a wonderfully imaginative action packed story, filled with great characters and scorching sensuality.

Yea, another trip to the Castle of Dark Dreams and to some of my favorite character, like Sparkle and Ganymede. This story brings some new characters into the mix that are perfect additions to this enchanting world. This book has it all, romance, humor, sizzling sex and a wonderful paranormal fun.

Ms. Bangs has woven another fantastic tale that will keep readers enchanted from beginning to end. Her characters are witty, fun and deliciously intriguing. The plot that binds them together is fascinating, entertaining and romantic, with the perfect amounts of danger and sexual tension thrown in to make the story explode off the pages. Ms. Bangs has delighted me again and this book is one that you won’t want to put down. I am happy to recommend this book.


Book Blurb for My Wicked Vampire

The Castle of Dark Dreams has it all: nightly fantasies, a homicidal goddess, and a hot vampire.

Cinn expects the fantasies. After all, the Castle is one of the attractions in a theme park for people who want to act out their hidden desires. The naked vampire chained to the wall of the dungeon seems a bit much, though. Sure, he’s breathtaking. If he didn’t scare her witless, he could absolutely fuel a thousand fantasies. But dreams of sexy vampires will have to wait, because a ticked off goddess is searching for her. Why?

Dacian is a vampire with anger issues. Not a great combination. He has come to the Castle of Dark Dreams to search for his brother. Instead, he meets Cinn. She’s a distraction he doesn’t need. But then, love would always be a complication in his violent existence.

Both Cinn and Dacian have powerful enemies. It only makes sense that they join forces to fight them. She soon learns that getting close to the most dangerously sensual man she’s ever met brings its own risks. Because even a woman with a name that conjures up images of forbidden pleasure has a lot to learn from…


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00