Must Be Magic

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Must Be Magic

Lani Aames' latest release, Must Be Magic is a wildly erotic and passionate paranormal romance that will leave readers wanting more.

Ms. Aames has written a beautiful story that you won't want to put down. Her characters are quirky, intelligent, and believable. The plotline is interesting, intriguing, and captivating. The sexual tension between the two main characters is highly combustible. This is a book that I'm definitely adding to my keeper collection and I am delighted to recommend this book to others.

Book Blurb for Must Be Magic

Prince Myghal must marry by the next equinox to save his princedom. A desperate spell takes him out of danger and to his heart mate, who just happens to be a human woman. Now in the human world, Myghal pursues Kerry O'Neill and has only three days to convince her they are meant to be together. Kerry falls hard for the handsome stranger, unable to prevent her heart from longing for him and her body from melting at his touch. When Kerry faces her worst fears to save Myghal from his enemies, she realizes their incredible connection must be magic.

A fantasy erotic romance novella, approx. 27,000 words or 90 pages.

Must Be Magic was previously published.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75