Miss Taken

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Miss Taken

Kerri Nelson’s debut release, Miss Taken is a rollercoaster ride of adventure, intrigue, suspense and heart pounding romance.
Ms. Nelson has penned a scorching hot read that sizzles right from the page. Her characters jump from the page with life-like quality and the sexual tension between the hero and heroine makes you wish you had a fan. This is a book that I am delighted to have read and Ms. Nelson’s writing has made me hungry for more. I can’t wait for her next release.

Book Blurb for Miss Taken

Tabitha Stuart is a work-a-holic who may live in the city that never sleeps but manages to spend her Friday nights behind the desk at the accounting firm of Donaldson & Franks. On a snowy February night, she reminisces over her recent New Year’s resolutions. She’s worked hard to make partner in her firm, but now she’s resolved to make her personal life more exciting. She wants to be more like her jet setter, risk taking sister.

As Tabby heads home for the night, she is abducted from her office’s parking garage and held captive by a sexy stranger in an Atlantic City Casino penthouse. Her captor’s boss demands that she return the half million dollars that she stole from him. As her life spirals out of control, she must discover why she was taken and how she has ended up in a world that is not her own.

She must solve the mystery, save her own life, and resist the sexual temptations she feels for her mysterious captor. To survive this adventure, she can’t afford to make mistakes.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00