Midsummer Charm

Amy Redwood’s newest novella, Midsummer Charm is an captivating, erotic paranormal romance that will have readers wanting more. Ms. Redwood has penned an enchanting book that will delight readers. Her characters are believable, intelligent and fascinating. The plotline is intense, intriguing and compelling. The sexual tension between the main characters is so explosive that you can feel the sparks fly off the page. I am thrilled to be adding this book into my keeper collection. I am also extremely pleased to recommend this book to others, I hope they love it just as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Midsummer Charm

Length: Novella

Witch and warlock, a match made in heaven. Until a wolf stakes his claim. Midsummer night was never hotter—or deadlier.
Maya enjoys the attention of a sexy warlock who fulfills her every wish and then some. It’s perfect, really. Then he returns. David. The match made in hell—a hot, sweaty, scream-your-throat-out-it-hurts-so-good hell. The match who left her in the cold, may the bastard rot.
In her spellbound erotic dreams, she embraces both men. They satisfy her body to the fullest, if not her heart. But on midsummer night, reality makes a comeback when she is confronted with hard truths and easy lies. And a surprise she never sees coming. Torn between the two men, she learns to her sorrow that one of them is ready to kill the other in order to win her love.
She faces the impossible choice between heaven and oh-so-hot hell. And midsummer night has only just begun…

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.75