Maybe It's You

Amarinda Jones’s newest release, Maybe it’s You is a beautifully written contemporary romance about the second chances we get and how putting your heart on the line may bring more rewards and happiness that you could ever dream possible.

Ms. Jones has penned another fantastic story, with wonderful characters and a great storyline. Her characters are life-like, interesting, intelligent and their personalities jump right off the page. The storyline is cute, intriguing and believable. The sexual tension between Brett and Karma is red hot and explosive, it seems like you can feel the sparks jumping right through the pages. This book is one I am definitely adding to my keeper collection. I am delighted to recommend this book to others.

Book Blurb for Maybe It's You

Length: Novella
When Brett Rush hears that Karma Leigh is back home in Adenwood and hanging out at the local coffee shop, he is happy. As a teenager he had lusted after the beautiful caffeine addict. As a man, he wants to do more than just watch and wonder. Just looking at her luscious body makes his cock jump and pulses race. Brett intends to make himself as indispensable as coffee to the lady.
Karma is home for one reason only. Unfinished business. Her plan is to get in and get out and not get involved. The only stimulant she needs is caffeine. But seeing Brett brings back some powerful memories that all the coffee in the world cannot seem to remove. Fucking the local fire chief is probably a bad idea. But who better to burn with?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.75