Kiss Me, Kate

Mari Carr’s latest release, Kiss me, Kate, is a scorching darkly erotic contemporary romance and one that I greatly enjoyed.
Kate is a woman looking to out her life back together after she finds out that her no-account, scumbag of a husband is a cheater, when he cleans out their house and back account before leaving town with another woman. She get the opportunity to find herself taking care of an old farmhouse for DEA agents Rick and Wes, when they need a house sitter while they are away on the job. A friendly email relationship with Rick, slowly develops into secret lust filled fantasies, and when Rick comes home into passionately erotic sex. But what happens when he wants more, can she ever find it in herself to trust her heart to someone again? Could you believe in love again? In reading this book, and having been cheated on myself, this book makes me a believer in love again.
Ms. Carr pens a spicy plot, with appealing characters, and red-hot erotic fantasies, one of my favorite combinations. Kate is someone that I can completely relate to, and the emotion Kate and Rick feel pours through the words. This book made me want to explore some of my own dark fantasies. I am definitely adding this book to my keeper list and this one story that I am delighted to recommend.

Book Blurb for Kiss Me, Kate

Kate is blindsided when her husband cleans out their house and bank account before skipping town with another woman. Desperate to get out of her sister’s apartment, Kate jumps at the chance to help Rick and Wes, DEA agents whose latest case finds them in urgent need of a house-sitter.

Taking care of the old farmhouse is just what she needed. As the months pass, a stronger Kate emerges. She’s also developed an email friendship with Rick, and it isn’t long before they secretly begin starring in each other’s lust-filled fantasies. Problem is, after her failed marriage, Kate wants only a physical relationship. She’s terrified of losing her heart—which is exactly what Rick intends to capture upon his return.

They reach a compromise. One that involves explosive no-strings sex—for now. Rick patiently deflects her fears and willingly slakes her passion while keeping his darker fantasies in check, afraid of scaring his shy, innocent lover. But unbeknownst to Rick, Kate has a few untapped fantasies of her own.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 5.00