Keely's Curse

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Keely's Curse

Sophia Danu’s latest release, Keely’s Curse is magical story of coming home to everything you have always wanted and to a love that has been waiting for just the right time.
Ms. Danu has penned a beautifully written and well-plotted love story that will keep readers entertained and wanting for more. As a huge fan of paranormal romance, this book is one that I love for the spark that it ignites in my imagination. The characters are believable and the scorching passion that they have lights up the pages. This is a book that I highly recommend and one that I will be adding to my keeper collection.

Book Blurb for Keely's Curse

What if you learned that you are descended from a long line of magically gifted females plagued by a demon curse?  What if you learned of prophesy that tells of a strong sorceress mated to a wolf that will defeat the demon and end the curse?  What if you learned YOU were that sorceress?
Keeley is a young woman with magical talents.  When her beloved grandmother is murdered, she returns to her hometown of Blue Springs, Kentucky.  There she reunites with her former lover, Alex – a man she has tried to forget.  After denying her love years before, he now demands that she let him back into her life and her bed.
Alex’s sexy, dominant personality is more than she can resist and as she learns more about her own legacy and power, she also learns of his.  Alex is a strong alpha male who is determined that she be his mate.  As the desire and emotion between Alex and Keeley heat up, so does the evil brewing in Blue Springs.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00