I Don't Think So

Amarinda Jones’ latest release, I Don’t Think So is another fantastic paranormal romance that has everything a lover of this genre would want. It’s got intrigue, romance, intelligent characters and a fascinating storyline.

Ms. Jones has woven a beautiful story that will capture the readers imagination and leave them waiting impatiently for more. Her characters are believable, fleshed-out and intriguing. The sexual tension between them is red hot and seems to spark right from the page. I am extremely delighted to recommend this book to others.

Book Blurb for I Don't Think So

Length: Novella

When dashing warlock Thomas Darcy suddenly appears in Mariette Jane’s home, announcing he needs her help, she knows he is lying. She is a facilitator between worlds. She is used to supernatural beings seeking her aid. But this man is different. His story does not ring true. So what’s going on and why is she suddenly having hot, delicious sex with the hunky warlock?
Thomas is lying. He has been sent to subdue Mariette but he’s not sure why. He was only told of her threat to all warlock-kind. But it’s hard to subdue someone you want to lick all over. The more he’s with Mariette, the deeper Thomas becomes involved, until saving her becomes his prime objective.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 5.00