Hot, Hard and Hexing

Hot, Hard, Book Two

Mari Freeman’s release, Hot, Hard and Hexing is a wonderfully written paranormal romance that I really loved and I believe that others will fall of it too. Ms. Freeman has blended together a perfectly enchanting storyline with characters that reach right out and grab your attention. Her characters are intelligent, believable, and interesting. The storyline is fascinating, tantalizing and fast-paced. The sexual tension between Sonja and Ray is hot enough to leave scorch marks. This is a book that I’m definitely adding to my keeper collection and one that I’m delighted to recommend to others who I hope will love it just as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Hot, Hard and Hexing

When magic is attracted to magic, it's impossible to ignore.

Sonja Ambercroft's homebody existence is about to change. Drastically. A Dreamstalker has kidnapped her cousin in exchange for a powerful talisman, and Sonja soon finds herself doing things she'd never imagined. Stealing the talisman from her sister? Check. Grappling with Gremlins? Check. Enjoying ridiculously hot visions about a scruffy, sexy mountain man doing untold things to her naked body? Che-

Wait.what? As if she needs that kind of distraction right now! Especially when the stranger's magic stirs her inner Dragon. Not good. A childhood tragedy has made shifting too dangerous. Sonja can't risk letting her Dragon loose, but as the erotic visions transform into real-life fantasies, the beast becomes harder to contain.

Sonja's dangerous adventure will require help from her reclusive mountain man, a Fairy and no less than two queens-one Voodoo, one drag. But ultimately she'll have to trust her other self, let her inner Dragon roar, if she hopes to bring her cousin back alive.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50