Faerily Imperfect, #5

Katie Blu and Mia Watts's latest release, Hitched is a wonderfully written paranormal m‚nage romance that I just fell in love with. These two have come together to create an enchanting story that has fantastic characters and a compelling plot. Their characters are intelligent and believable. The plot is well thought-out and very intriguing. The sexual tension between Willow, Bruce and Kane a sensual treat. This is a book that I am definitely adding to my keeper collection and I hope others will too. I am extremely delighted to recommend this book, I just loved it and I know other readers will too.

Book Blurb for Hitched

ELEMENTS: Erotic Romance with Strong Sexual Content, Graphic Language, Mild M/M Interaction and Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy.

Half-faery, Willow Harper, is the youngest of the Harper siblings. Just like them, she has no control when her gift will manifest, turning her into an inanimate wooden object. Fortunately, she has Bruce, a full faery male who has the ability to subdue her gifts. Though she hides her heart, Bruce is been assigned to work by her side on every Harper Security case. It was only a matter of time before Willow and Bruce hooked up after hours. Agreeing to a no-strings relationship, they know that commitment just isn't for them.

Agent Kane Wilcox has been tracking the identity of an arts smuggler for over a year. He's reached a dead end, but Willow Harper moves on and around the target’s property easily since she befriended the target’s daughter months ago. What isn’t convenient is the way Willow makes him feel, or the unprecedented attraction Kane has for black-eyed Bruce.

As the case progresses, one thing becomes clear, Bruce and Willow want him. But how can they juggle a three person relationship and still catch the thief? Kane is in it for keeps. When the case is over, will Willow and Bruce walk away, leaving Kane standing alone? 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.75