Her Eternal Warrior

Warrior Hunger, Book Two

Marisa Chenery’s latest release, Her Eternal Warrior is a wonderfully written paranormal romance that blends some Egyptian mythology with lots of erotic play. She has perfectly woven elements of Egyptian mythology with modern times and adds just the right amount of scorching hot sexual tension. Her characters are believable, intelligent and compelling and her plotline is fast-paced and interesting. I am definitely adding this book to my keeper collection and I’m delighted to recommend this book to others.

Book Blurb for Her Eternal Warrior

Protecting mortals from the evil preying upon them is Tor’s number-one job. His dying pledge to serve the Egyptian god Anubis gave him immortality and a life of solitude as a jackal shifter—for thousands of years. But all that changes when he saves a young woman from being attacked. The moment he sees her face, his blood stirs—as does his cock. For the first time ever, Tor’s reluctant to wipe himself from a victim’s mind. She becomes the center of his existence, and nothing but total possession will do.

Kenna can’t believe her luck when the sexy-as-hell stranger approaches the hotel reception desk and asks her out. There’s something familiar about him, but she just can’t place it. She falls hard and fast, and scorching sex is the icing on the cake. Tor’s guarded secret could change everything, however. Sure, she was open to settling down, but life with Tor would put a whole new meaning on the word “forever”.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50