Forever Faith

Stages of Love: Book Two

Ginger Simpson’s book, Forever Faith, is a previously released book titled, Red Sash. This book is also going to be one of a four-part series published all together.

Forever Faith is about a woman named Faith Oliver, who has been dealing with her weight for as long as she can remember. Faith wants to be loved for herself and not for her size, however she wants to lose some weight.
Faith has been dreaming of the same man for months and she can’t figure out if he’s actually a real person, so her best friend, Nila suggests she go to a hypnotist. During her sessions she finds out that her mystery man is someone who knew her in a past life.
As she goes looking for answers to his identity, she finds a love that stretches across time.
Ginger Simpson writes a beautiful story, however readers should know that there is really no ending to this story. Hopefully in the rest of the series there will be a conclusion. I like this book because this is not a traditional love story, but there are traditional elements. I am looking forward to the rest of the series. If your looking for a good short story, that will keep you guessing, then I would recommend this book.

Book Blurb for Forever Faith

Faith Oliver suffers from a weight problem and has no real beaus in her life. In fact, she’s never been with a man. Maybe that’s why she’s surprised when a delectably handsome male begins to invade her dreams and command her body. Driven to diet to find a boyfriend to replace her hunky dream lover, Faith undergoes hypnotherapy to determine the meaning of her night visions. Her sessions draw her back to another life, to an era far removed…and a strange name she’s heard before.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.00