Desiring the Darkness

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Desiring the Darkness

Darkness, #2

In Sheila Stewart’s newest release, Desiring the Darkness, Dante is still looking for his brother and working with Basil, Trinity, and Jonah.
Out one night scouting for vampires to capture in order to find out where Chaos is hiding so they can bring back the sun, he sees a half-naked woman running from some vampires chasing her. After taking her back to his house, he wakes up to find her sucking on his neck. The woman, Gypsy, wakes up in Basil’s castle not knowing what is going on. Finding out her attackers were vampires and that she is now a vampire, takes some getting used to.
Gypsy is a woman who has been taking care of herself since she was a teenager and having to rely on Dante for anything but sex is a challenge for her. The more they are together, the more they find that the feelings they have for each other, is about more than just sex. When Dante’s life is threatened, Gypsy realizes how far she will go to save him. With the strength of their love they hoping that they will be able to defeat Chaos, bring back the sun and save their friend. I think that this is a wonderful continuation in the Darkness series.
Sheila Stewart writes characters who grab your attention and imagination.

Book Blurb for Desiring the Darkness

With the cloak of darkness surrounding Jacob’s Cove, Dante Vega must work to protect the humans from the blood-thirsty vampires trying to take over the human race. When a half-naked young woman races into his arms begging him to protect her, he is compelled to help despite the fact that she is a vampire.

Before all hell broke loose, Gypsy Dawn was an average woman carrying on with her ordinary life…until she’s turned into a vampire. With no family and no where to go, she clings to Dante. Aside from his dark, mysterious, good looks, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. And when his life is threatened she discovers just how protective she has become.

Trying to bring back the sun is not easy, especially when the creature responsible, has gone into hiding. With Dante’s long lost brother working with the enemy, one friend is killed and another is taken hostage.

Will Dante be able to save him before it’s too late?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00