Cerulean Blue

LENGTH: Short Story

Annmarie Ortega’s Cerulean Blue is a great short story. She introduces us to wonderful characters, intense emotion and everlasting love in a short amount of time. The story revolves around a woman named Madeline and a man named Sebastian. Maddie sees a painting of a gorgeous man at a flea market, she decides to buy it. However she doesn’t expect to meet the man in the painting in her dreams, or that she will fall in love with him. Sebastian is an artist that was cursed into the painting in the year 1400, by a witch who loved him, but he was interested in her. The witch felt since he loved his art so much that he couldn’t persue a relationship with her, that he should paint for all eternity. Maddie and Sebastian fall in love during her nightly visits, as they learn more about each other, but their hearts break whenever she wakes up each day. Maddie is determined to break the curse, but she doesn’t expect it to be broken in the most entertaining way.

Annmarie Ortega weaves a delightfully passionate story that speaks to the power of true. I just wish it was longer, because I enjoyed it so much.

Book Blurb for Cerulean Blue

She will be his living canvas to break his terrible curse...

While at a flea market, Madeline purchases an oil painting of a gorgeous man. She has no idea that when she goes to sleep, she will be transported inside the painting to meet the love of her life.

Sebastian is an artist who was cursed into the painting in the year 1400.  He and Madeline fall in love when she joins him inside his prison, but each morning when she leaves, his heart breaks again.

But they soon discover that the curse may be broken, and in the most delightful way...


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00