Ann Lory’s newest release, Ayan is an entertaining read. If you like a passionate fantasy romance then this is a book that you should read. Ayan, a Prince of the Faerie, travels to Earth and ends up being hit by a car rescuing Heather a human. As Heather an Ayan learn more about each other, Ayan realizes that she is Faerie and that she is his mate. Just as Heather is coming to terms with her unexpected heritage they are forced to flea Earth, they return to Ayan’s home of Kreandor, where they face other challenges. In Kreandor, they have to deal with Harmony, Ayan’s betrothed and Garinick an evil sorcerer wants the sword that Ayan possesses in order to travel to other realms so he can take them over. Ann Lory weaves an imaginative world with a vivid detail and a heartwarming hero and heroine. The love scenes adds the right blend of heat to the romance of the story. This story has a fairy tale-like quality, but has the sex appeal that spices it up. Ayan is a story that I recommend to anyone who loves romance. I’m looking forward to the other books forthcoming in the Realms of Kreandor series.

Book Blurb for Ayan

When Ayan touched Heather, there was no denying the desire she felt for him … for she glowed with pleasure … literally. Ayan had given up on finding his true mate until he entered the human world in search of the key and found Heather—the keeper of the key. To have her, though, he must first save her. For Garinick will stop at nothing to obtain the key—the key that will unlock the doors to the many realms, for he means to take them one by one until he rules all.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.00