A Wolf at Her Door

Book 2 in the Be-Wished Series

Kate Willoughby’s latest release, A Wolf at Her Door, is a hilariously funny, charmingly romantic paranormal read.
Paige is a woman who, with her best friends in a night of drunken revelry made a wish, on a wish bracelet, for hot kinky sex with an Alpha werewolf, and now her wish is coming true. Adam is a werewolf, who agrees to fulfill Paige’s wish, but doesn‘t believe in love with humans. What happens when love comes weather you believe in it or not?
This book has some of my favorite concepts when it comes to the paranormal, werewolves, fairies, wishes fulfilled, magical mishaps, love and happily ever after. Kate Willoughby writes enchanting characters with red-hot passion and emotional depth. The concept of this series fascinates me and I love her take on it. I love how she blend the romance of the story with challenges she brings to the tale. After reading this book I really want to go back and read the first book in this series, All In, just to get more info on Paige and her friends.
This book is definitely a keeper and I recommend it wholeheartedly. What would you wish for if you had a wish bracelet?

Book Blurb for A Wolf at Her Door

Book 2 in the Be-Wished series. 

A wish bracelet, a hot alpha werewolf and a frisky fairy whose specialty is “happily ever afters”—what does all this have to do with Paige’s love life? A whole lot, when gorgeous and sexy shapeshifter Adam shows up to sizzle her synapses, trigger her sensual meltdown and make her secret wish come true.

Adam is one big bad wolf who makes all her kinkiest fantasies a reality. Until real life intrudes and things take a turn for the serious. When Adam’s sanity is threatened by an agent of the Universal Wish Federation, he needs more than a well-meaning wish fairy and an unquenchable hunger for Paige to help him make the hardest choice of his life.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.50