A Stroke of Magic

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A Stroke of Magic

Magic Series Book 2

Tracy Madison’s latest release, A Stroke of Magic is an intriguing blend of humor, magic and the trials of life and love. Paranormal romance is my favorite and this book has left me bewitched and wanting more.

Ms. Madison has penned another delightful spell that will ensnare and bewitch readers and leave them wanting more. She has woven a beautiful story with interesting and believable characters, an engaging plot and then mixed it all with a stroke of magic. I like how she has created intelligent, down to earth characters and brought real life emotion that seems to jump off the page. This book is one that you won’t want to put down until you read it from beginning to end and it will leave you craving more. This is a definite keeper and I am delighted to recommend it.


Book Blurb for A Stroke of Magic

The sequel to A Taste of Magic.

You know how freaky it is, to expect one taste and get another? Imagine picking up a can of tepid ginger ale and taking a swig of delicious, icy cold peppermint tea. Alice Raymond did just that. And though the tea is exactly what she wants, she bought herself a soda.

No, Alice’s life isn’t exactly paint-by-numbers. After breaking things off with her lying, stealing, bum of an ex, she discovered she’s pregnant. Motherhood was definitely on her “someday” wish list, but a baby means less time for her art and no time for recent hallucinations that include this switcharoo with the tea. She has to impress her new boss, the ridiculously long-lashed, smoky-eyed Ethan Gallagher, and she has to deal with her family, who have started rambling about gypsy curses. Only a soul-deep bond with the right man can save her and her child? As if being single wasn’t pressure enough!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.50