A Hot Day In Heaven

The newest release from Kathleen Scott is A Hot Day in Heaven. This is a paranormal romance with an angelic twist. Sonia is a woman down on her luck, with nowhere to go. Dumped and thrown out by her boyfriend, who she catches cheating on her with her best friend, she is desperate but determined to push through. Archer is the man that comes to her rescue, in more than just a place to live; he also helps her move on in her career and her life. The question is what does he want in return and just what is he hiding?

This is a steamy, touching romance that leaves you wanting more. Kathleen Scott pens a unique take on guardian angels and the fallen themselves, with great charming characters, complex emotion and riveting plot twists. She writes great characters that feel like real people in a fantastic situation, with fascinating challenges. The love story is woven into the plot with scorching emotion and soul-deep love that you can feel through the pages. This is a wonderful story and the author writes it so beautifully that you want to read other books by her. I highly enjoyed this book and I recommend this book to anyone.

Book Blurb for A Hot Day In Heaven

Bad things always seem to come in threes, or so Sonia St. Marie discovers as she is kicked out of her apartment during a blizzard, her job teaching art classes at an adult center gets cut and she catches her boyfriend in bed with her best friend. Needless to say, it’s not been the best of days. That is, until Archer DeAngelo shows up in his black SUV, smelling of exotic spices and evoking a head full of sensual fantasies.

For years, Archer has been the distraction in the back of Sonia’s mind, tempting her to wonder about his decadent lifestyle and the women he’s pleasured. Just looking at him makes her dream of all the things she wants to do with him, and now that she’s free from her philandering boyfriend, Gabriel, there’s nothing to stand in her way.

Seeing Sonia’s distress at her homeless state, Archer offers her a place to stay--his condo overlooking Central Park. Having nowhere else to go in such inclement weather, Sonia takes him up on his offer for shelter and much more. The sexual tension that always simmered between them goes into overdrive under such close proximity. The fact Archer has made it his mission to help her put her life back together has its own advantages. But then again, Archer is only doing his job.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00